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Sensational Goal Setting

Sensational Goal Setting Webinar

Setting goals can make or break your business

I started my business in 2015 with no idea of what "running a business meant" and I had no plan of action in place.  I have no idea of what my business made or lost for 2015-2016.  Fourth quarter of 2017 I got a coach that asked me "what are your business goals?" I had no answer, then she asked "what have you made so far?"...again I had no idea.

2017 no goal, sales totaled $6,892.91

2018 $15k was the goal, which increased to $20k sales totaled $26,876.67

2019 my goal is $50K, and I'm on target to make goal.

I went from $6800 to $50k in a span of 2 years.  Let me show you how goal setting is not only necessary but MANDATORY for your business growth. 

This webinar includes:

•How to set realistic goals
•Goal mapping, how to achieve the goals
•Knowing when it’s necessary to change your goals (it’s ok)
•Setting the Plan Of Action (POA)
•Goal Achievement...the best feeling 

Investment of $67 

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