Efficient Emails, the money is in your list

Want to know how to use your GoDaddy emails

This class will take you step by step inside your GoDaddy emailing system.

The money is in the list

You don't own social media but you do own your list.  Make it work for you.

Start growing your list

See how to grow your list, and know your stats.

Make. The. Sale.

Statistics show the majority of online sales comes from email lists, this is a statistic that you will be glad to be a part of.

Master Godaddy - The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up Your Store

Chose A Design

Decide on what design you want for your type of business

Set Up Your Store

Learn how to add products & descriptions, prices and more

Publish to the World Wide Web

Finally launch your site because now you are Open For Business!

Class is scheduled 1/11/18 at 7pm EST.

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Shipping Made a Cinch

What to Expect

Want to make shipping a breeze for your business or in general? This MasterClass will make navigating the Post Office and the shipping process a simple task.  No more waiting in long lines for that annoying receipt with those long tracking numbers, or having to manually put in those numbers to send to your clients and best of all you won't even need to leave home.  We're about to make shipping a CINCH! 

What the class covers

  • How to creat an account to "click and ship"
  • How to create shipping Labels
  • How to automatically send tracking info to your clients
  • Shipping Labels...or not
  • Simple package drop off or have them picked up, you decide 

All for only $25!

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