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Welcome to Body Essence by Dionne

About Us


How the business was started

After purchasing body butter from a small business, I tried to purchase again, but their site was down and after repeated attempts I gave up. So I decided to make my own, and after a lot of research I started making body butter for myself, my brother loved it so much he shared it on Social Media and the orders started coming in, and Body Essence was born.


We offer a full line of body essentials

We hand make a full line of natural skincare products. Everything from natural soaps, body butters, sugar scrubs even bug repellent and more. Our products will heal, repair and maintain flawless skin that glows...our purpose is to help you #findyouressence


How we can help you

Do you have acne prone skin? Does eczema cause your skin to have anxiety? Is your skin so dry you see tumbleweed? Is psoriasis plaguing you? Or is your skin simply perfect and you just want to maintain the perfection? Then Body Essence by Dionne products were made just for you. With continued use you will see major improvement with your skin that will last.